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Attachment should be an inevitable part of life. However, for many children and their caregivers, this is not the case. Those children who suffer from attachment issues live a confused, superficial life at best. Many of these children and families have been misdiagnosed and treated in the past. This has only increased their defensiveness, anger and feelings of being crazy. Left untreated or ineffectively treated, this disorder will cause difficulty for the child and family, and is the leading cuase of disruptions of adoptions and foster care placement. This disorder is progressive, and will continue to get worse without the appropriate treatment.

Rhonda's week-long treatment will focus on a holistic approach to not only the child, but also the family system itself. It will also assist in the development of improved understanding, parenting skills, and attachment.

Course Content: This treatment experience will consist of three to five hours of treatment a day for the caregivers and the child. The child and caregivers will receive treatment to develop inproved understanding of this disorder, how to engage the child in the attachment process, and develop improved parenting skills that are necessary to parent an attachment issue child. Some of the thereapeutic interventions that will be used are talk thereapy, EMDR, Healing Touch, Ther-A-Play, and homework assignments. This treatment will not use holding thereapy. The child must be eight or nine years of age or younger, and be accompanied by at least one caregiver, and preferabley both caregivers, to participate in the treatment process.

Cost, Confirmation, and Cancellation: There will be a limited number of spaces available for this treatment experience. The cost does not include the cost for accomodations and transportation. Insurance will not be billed. Half the cost will need to be deposited on receiving the week of treatment and the rest paid in full thirty days prior to arrival for treatment. Deposits are non-refundable, and cancellations more than thrty days prior to treatment may receive the rest of their balance refunded less the deposit.

Referrals can be made to Rhonda at (563) 382-6446.

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