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"The Alphabet of Wounded Cherubs: Individuals with Attachment Issues"

At long last, the book by therapist Rhonda Lettington (MS, LMHC, CHTP, ACADC, NCC) is here! Those who have worked with Rhonda know that this book is definitely one to own.

At two hundred pages, The Alphabet of Wounded Cherubs is an excellent manual for friends, families, and therapists of someone who has Reactive Attachment Disorder.

The manual numbers eleven chapters, and is full of helpful diagrams and illustrations. Content includes knowing how, when, and why people become afflicted with RAD, how to deal with parent, caregiver, and family issues, the difference between discipline and punishment in a RAD household, as well as treatment options, resources, a useful appendix, and more!

"It was not until DSM-4 came out with a diagnosis... that it was invented. However, any of us that have been in the field know that there was a whole segment of children that did not fit into the categories that they were being diagnosed with. These children were the ones that would not respond to ADHD medication, behavioral modification, and were very charming but blew out of one placement after another..."

So begins the well-written, factual perspective on what was previously an undiagnosed tragedy: Reactive Attachment Disorder. Rhonda Lettington explains to us all about RAD itself, the complex issues it entails, and asks us to understand and empathize with those working through it. Kids and families can learn about themselves and their lives through detailed pictures and activities. And professionals can learn from the work and dedication of an experienced therapist and author.

The Alphabet of Wounded Cherubs is a must-have for people who are involved in the field, who live or work with RAD children, or anyone who is interested in human life, childhood, and love.

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