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Assessment and Intervention for Adolescents and Adults with Attachment Problems:

This one-day seminar will assist professionals in the search for more effective ways to assist their clients in dealing with the past. The process of attachment, and what problems occur when that process is not successful, will be discussed. Further, paticipants will explore their own feelings toward attachment issues and discuss how it can impact the treatment process.

Working Effectively with Resistant and Burned Out Parents:

An essential one-day seminar for professionals on how to engage, encourage, empower, and educate "burned-out" and resistant parents to participate in treatment.

To get more information about locations, times, and registration, contact Cross Country Eduation, Inc., or call at (866) 656-4424. If you want to attend a seminar but cannot, please consult our Shop page, where you can purchase siminar CD's or Rhonda's new book.

"I attended your RAD session in St. Cloud, MN, and have been inspired by your passion for kids with RAD... your information has given me the confidence I need to speak up, advocate, support parents, and carry forward. I can't tell you how many people I have told about your information and passion. I tell them, 'she lives RAD'." -- Lynn Jumer, Licensed Social Worker, Stearns County Human Services, MN.

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